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1. How to create an account?
a. Click on "sign in" on the top right corner and select "Create an Account".
b. Enter all the details asked in the form.
c. Check the 2 boxes at bottom of the form and click on CREATE AN ACCOUNT button.
2. How to search for a product?
a. Type the name of the product that you want to search in search box.
b. Click Search button after writing product name.
c. You will get your desired product.
3. How to place an order?
a. Click on the product you wish to buy.
b. Click on 'Buy Now' button visible on the right hand side of the product.
c. Click on 'Continue Shopping' if you wish to continue or click on 'View Cart' to prepare for Check Out.
d. Check all the details on your cart & click on 'Check Out'.
e. Now sign in with your user name & password for Ubuy account. If you do not have a Ubuy account, you need to create an account.
f. Fill all the details asked in the form for address & click 'Continue'.
g. Check your final payment & click 'Continue'.
h. Enter your card details & submit.
4. How do I track my order?
a. As soon as you place an order with Ubuy, you would get a confirmation email from us with a link to track your order. You can get all details about the status of your shipment by clicking on the link.
b. You can also track you order by visiting our website and clicking on the "track your order" link under 'customer service' at the bottom of the page.
5. When will I receive an order confirmation email after placing the order?
a. You will receive the order confirmation email immediately with a link to track your shipment just after placing your order.
6. Will I receive a copy of the order invoice to my email ID?
a. We will provide order invoice upon your request.
7. What is estimated time of delivery for the “Available from USA & UK" products?
a. Delivery of the "Available from Abroad" products depends upon the shipping option you will choose. Below are the available shipping options.


Ubuy Super Express 3-7 Business days

Ubuy Express 4-8 Business days

Ubuy Shipping - 5-9 Business days


Ubuy Express 3-5 Business days

b. Note: All the shipments are subjected to customs clearance procedures that can cause delays in delivery.
8. What are the shipping and customs charges?
a. You can check available shipping options and their charges on second step of checkout.
b. Customs charges can be seen on final step of checkout.
9. Do you have cash on delivery option for 'Order from Abroad' products?
a. Yes, cash on delivery payment option is available for some GCC countries like Saudi,Oman,Bahrain,UAE,Kuwait etc. Same will be available for all in near future.
b. Cash on delivery payment option is available for U fulfilled products only and order value should not be more than $750.
10. Are the 'Available from USA/Uk/CHINA' store products authentic ?
a. Yes,all products are authentic and they are directly getting shipped from USA/UK/CHINA.
11. What If I received the wrong/damaged product and would like to return it?
a. Please feel free to contact our customer care team to get more details on how to proceed with the issue.
12. Are shipping fees refundable if I return my product?
a. If you received a damaged/defective product from Ubuy, it is our responsibility and we will refund shipping fees completely.
b. If you would like to cancel your order for any personal reasons, in that case:
i. If the shipment has been created from the seller : shipping fees will not be refunded.
ii. If the shipment has not been created from the seller : shipping fees will be refunded.
iii. In case, If your order has been reached at Courier company then there is no way to cancelation of your order as there would be totally automatic process so they can not cancel/return any parcel.
13. What is the time frame by which refunds will reflect in the customer account?
a. The refund will be issued into customer account within 7-10 business days.
14. How do I cancel my order?
a. Once you have made your order and want to cancel, please get in touch with our customer service team for further details.
b. Based on the status of the shipment, the customer service team will advise the customer.
15. Does Ubuy charge anything extra because of the difference in currency?
a. We do not charge any extra charges apart from the shipping and customs charges. Your bank may charge for the difference in currency as amount will get deduct in Saudi riyals from your account.
16. What online payment methods are accepted in the different countries?
a. Kuwait: Paypal, Visa/Mastercard, Knet
b. Qatar: Paypal, Qpay ( NAPS), Visa/Mastercard
c. Saudi: Paypal, Visa/Mastercard
d. UAE: Paypal, Visa/Mastercard
e. Bahrain: Paypal, Visa/mastercard, Benefit
f. Egypt: Paypal , Visa/mastercard
g. Oman: Paypal , Visa/mastercard
h. Morocco: Paypal , Visa/mastercard
i. Lebanon: Paypal, Visa/mastercard
j. Jordan: Paypal , Visa/mastercard
k. Turkey: Paypal, Visa/mastercard
17. When can I contact customer care and how?
a. You can email/call us anytime with the details provided in 'Contact us'.
b. You can also chat with us while you are surfing our website by clicking on the 'chat' link provided in the bottom right corner
18. How do I know you work in secure Ecommerce environment?
a. All the payment transaction pages are secured by approved SSL certificates.
b. SSL Certificate can be verified by the following link https://www.ubuy.com.kw
c. Our SSL Certificate is provided by GeoTrust Inc, refer to http://www.geotrust.com for more details.
c. All our payment transactions are done on the provider website, which are well known and authorized providers.
19. What methods are used to prevent fraud?
a. Order and Payment page are only accessible to registered customers.
b. All customer accounts are verified during registration process using the activation by email process.
c. All the products are delivered to customers on providing the online invoice generated after successful payment.
d. All the delivery address are recorded in the order history and verified before delivery by our respective departments.
20. How to subscribe for Ubuy newsletter?
a. Enter your email id below Join our Mailing List at the left bottom of the page.
b. Click "MALE" or "FEMALE".
c. You are subscribed now.
21. Does the customer have to pay any extra cash to the delivery man while receving the order?
a. No the customer need not pay any extra cash to the delivery man. Your payment for your order is complete when you order online on our website.
b. However, if the delivery man refuses to give you the shipment without any payment, please contact our customer care team immediately to fix this issue.
22. Do you have a physical store?
a. We operate as E-commerce only. So we do not have any physical store as of now. All our items are sourced internationally.